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  1. I23_W015

    minibag with embossed logo cream

    As low as £92.00
  2. I23_N001

    minibag with embossed logo black

    As low as £92.00
  3. I23_W015

    minibag with square quilting and pyramid studs cream

    As low as £89.00
  4. I23_N001

    mini bag with rhinestone lace black

    As low as £89.00
  5. I23_L002

    mini bag with diamond patchwork and rhinestone accessory light gold

    As low as £114.00
  6. I23_N001

    camera bag in saffiano with zipper pull with personalized letters black

    As low as £96.00
  7. I23_M011

    camera bag in saffiano with zipper pull with personalized letters pewter

    As low as £96.00
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CafèNoir mini bag: mini size, maxi style!

CafèNoir mini-bags are so small and pretty that you want to have them all: the studded mini-bag, the one with rhinestones, the faux fur model, the spotted one and even the mini-bag with the embossed logo. All of them!

Of course, it is not just the petite format that makes these bags so irresistible. The nuances that tint them, for example, range from classic black and white to delicious shades of red, passing through summer colours such as sand and the bold shades of snake and croc prints. In short, there is something for everyone!

Besides, they are so versatile that they look good in any situation. This applies to all CafèNoir women's bags of course, but mini bags are particularly versatile. It may be that you can add charms, pendants and scarves, tying them to the handle, or a strategic shoulder strap perhaps, but they are undoubtedly that accessory that gives an extra touch of style to your look.

The best combinations for your mini bag

Mini-bags satisfy aesthetic pleasure above all. They are not made to carry lipsticks, tissues, books, tablets, glasses, perfumes, hand creams. They are made to attract attention! This does not mean that they cannot hold your essential personal items. But it must be admitted that the mini is a bag that reflects the lighter, funnier side of fashion, one in which colour and size are designed (almost) exclusively to attract the eye.

That's why we thought some style tips might be useful. Here are four:

1.    Mini bags look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt for a casual and informal look.

2.    With a long dress or a midi skirt and a pair of heeled sandals, they complete elegant and chic outfits.

3.    Wear them with a pair of leggings and an oversized jumper for a comfortable and casual outfit.

4.    Jacket, stovepipe trousers, long-sleeved shirt, mini bag, and you'll be perfect for your office power dress!

What are you waiting for? Choose your CafèNoir mini bag!