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    women’s suede loafers with horsebit taupe

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    women’s suede shoes with tassels tan

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Women's Derby shoes: CafèNoir's footwear for the office (and not only)

Derby shoes, women's? Absolutely. No typing errors. Laced shoes WERE the prerogative of men's professional menswear, of course. A British universe relegated to the drawing rooms of country lords. A dusty past, a mere memory. But times have changed.

For years now, derby shoes have won a rightful place in the shoe cupboards of every woman in the world. Especially our CafèNoir derbies. Their informal elegance, old-world charm and aesthetic canon so anchored in tradition make them perfect for jackets and outerwear with a refined flavour. But these are just some of the features of these women's footwear.

Derby shoes, in fact, reinvent themselves, season after season. Through uppers with original prints, maxi rubber soles, studs, prominent logos and spotted pony skin inserts. These details give them a contemporary look that is perfect for everyday outfits.

That's why they are the perfect footwear for office looks, the must-have accessories for a back-to-work with flair. They seem to say 'I take myself seriously, but not too seriously'. Not a bad philosophy, to say the least. Especially since it allows them to be combined with... everything!

CafèNoir women's derby shoes: 6 good reasons to wear them!

1.    CafèNoir derby shoes are comfortable. In fact, very comfortable.

2.    They are the real alternative to court shoes both at work and on special occasions.

3.    Derby shoes are the perfect synthesis of elegance and sportiness, for a style that is formal but not too formal.

4.    They have no seasonality: you can wear them in spring, summer, autumn and winter and always get the same, irresistible, result.

5.    Better with a smart outfit or a casual look? The answer is both. Women's derby shoes go with everything!

6.    Have we already said that they are very comfortable?