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Fidelity Card CafèNoir:
Just for You.

The CafèNoir Fidelity Card rewards your purchases and allows you to turn them into exclusive benefits!

Register and get benefits

BenefitsCafèNoir card

Accumulating points
= Discounts on all purchases *

10% off
as Welcome gift

20% off
as Birthday present

Exclusive access to
Private Sales

Register and get benefits

* 1 € spent = 1 point earned.
Reach the threshold of 250 points to start using your points and receive special discounts on your next purchases in the CafèNoir mono-brand stores and on our official E-Shop.

Read the complete rules

Let your friends know CafèNoir! 100 points immediately as a gift for you to take advantage of exclusive benefits.

Log in and enter "My account", access the section "My Fidelity Card" and then INVITE A FRIEND to share the link and invite your friends to register.